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Spring Cleaning for the Soul

I awaken from the slumber of winter.

Time to blow away the cobwebs of worries, doubts and fears
Brush off the dust of resentments and regrets
The past is the past

It’s time to open the windows and let the light in
The light of God and the might of God!
I am coloured by the power of His presence.

The light within once again sparkles
Bringing love, peace and power within
And leaving a beautiful fragrance of happiness for all to share

Let each day be Spring!


Om Shanti

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Free to Forgive


When I feel hurt it is usually because someone did something or said something – or maybe did not say or do something.
Then I feel I am not able to forgive them – perhaps I don’t want to forgive them.

What is it that I want from them? To change, to feel the hurt, to feel regret?

I need to step back and realise that by not forgiving them I am holding onto the feelings of hurt and remembering them again and again…. building walls of impression and vision which will influence the future.

In the process of forgiving, I am letting go but also subtly helping the other person to let go as I am no longer ‘holding’ on to them with negative thoughts and feelings.

When I forgive I make peace with the past. It does not change the past but it allows the possibility of so much more in the future.

Forgiveness takes place in my own mind and heart … It has nothing to do with anyone else.


Om Shanti

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Forgive for the Future


When we forgive we make peace with that which happened in the past.

It does not change the past – right or not, good or otherwise – that was what it was.

Forgiveness takes place in our minds and our hearts. It really has nothing to do with anyone other than me. In forgiving I am allowing the possibility of so much more in the future.

The past cannot be changed … It is impossible. But there is no need to remain bound by the chains of the past.

When we forgive we don’t change the past we change the future.


Om Shanti

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Forgive and Forget


Often when we are hurt by people, especially those close to us, it becomes very difficult to forgive, move on and re-nurture trust.

With everything we do, say or even think, we are laying the building blocks for the future. When a hurtful scene occurs and we hold onto that scene and the pain – when we don’t forgive – then that becomes the foundation for our future too.

It is as if we reap a harvest that is diseased and keep the seeds to plant out again. Planting seeds that are infected will only result in another infected harvest.

Something painful that happened in the past exists in the past. If we decide to keep it safe and cultivate it again and again in the future then it will stay with us. In fact it will multiply, grow and influence other areas of our lives too. It is not about the person or situation that hurt me in the past but it is about the future I want for myself.

What is required is the courage to let go, to forgive and forget. We need to burn those infected seeds and have the courage to start again with fresh, healthy seeds.

Do I have the courage to forgive and forget?

Om Shanti

August 14, 2014 at 6:44 am 2 comments

Look Ahead


Ever wondered why we were created with eyes in the front of our head?

They are in the front so that we can look forward. We don’t need to look sideways or backwards – it takes more effort to do that.

Create a habit and a nature of always looking forward.
In the journey of life, to keep looking backwards or sideways will make us stall and possibly even fall.

Don’t keep looking back; it is no longer your concern. No need to look sideways; that is not your path. Both will add only confusion to the journey ahead.

Use the tools you have been given in life as they were meant to be used. See the road ahead.


Om Shanti

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Candid Camera


Have you ever watched that hilarious TV show called ‘Candid Camera’?

People are tricked into being part of a practical joke which has been set up to appear as a real life situation. As they walk into the scene their reactions are captured on camera. They may get upset, angry or worse.

When they eventually realises that the whole scene was set up as a joke then everyone laughs and the one who has been made a fool of also laughs.

No matter how serious a situation we are in, if we can step back and see it in a detached way, objectively, the scene will become diluted and lose its force. The potential reaction will seem extreme and even funny. It will save us from a myriad of emotions and upheaval.

Keep in mind that the scene will pass and then it is gone … Just watch yourself as if you are on ‘Candid Camera’!

Om Shanti

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The Gift of Time


We give time to many things and everything takes time. We have many desires and these consume a lot of our time too.

When we are born, we are given the gift of time. The time between birth and death is the most valuable gift we receive and yet in reality the only time we have is now. We spend all our life remembering the past and what could have been or planning for the future, hoping and worrying if it will happen.

For a spiritual pilgrim, time is a matter of only now. The present moment is when I really experience life and within that I plant my seeds for the future too. If I can remain present in the moment and ensure that each seed I plant, with my thoughts words and deeds, is healthy and full of goodness, then the future will automatically be fulfilling.

Do the best you can right here, right now.

Om Shanti

August 22, 2013 at 12:43 am 1 comment

7 Steps to Happiness


The purpose of life is to experience happiness. Relationships are for sharing happiness.

Happiness is the eternal nature of the soul. it is not something that I have to earn but something I discover within the self.

The secrets to happiness:

  • Take advantage of every opportunity to give happiness to others through kindness in your thoughts, words and actions.
  • Live in the present moment and make the most of what you have now.
  • Let the past be the past. It cannot be changed no matter how much I re-think it.
  • Never hold on to anything or anyone. Change is a part of life, it can never remain the same.
  • Check your intentions. If I have a needy nature and always want to gain something from a situation or person, then I will never be able to hold on to happiness.
  • Don’t waste time looking at the weaknesses and mistakes of others. They are not in your control.
  • Appreciate and care for yourself. Remember that at the core you are a really lovely person.

Take another step towards happiness today!


Om Shanti

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Living in the NOW!


Live in the present moment and remain content with now.

Thinking of and holding on to the past will only fill the mind and heart with regrets about what could have been.

Living in the future reminds me of what I still need to achieve and thus what I do not have at his time.

Stand in the present moment, live it with all your heart as if it is your last moment. Value the time, value the people and value the life that you have.

Live in the Now!

Om Shanti

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Past is Past


‘Let the past be the past’. We have heard this saying a million times but we continue to hold onto the past in our hearts and minds. Subconsciously we may believe it is valuable experience for our future. However recalling negative experiences from the past in this way has become an unwanted and damaging habit.

By bringing the past into the present we become influenced by it. Then, instead of resolving the past we build on it. Instead of recognising the mistakes we made, so as to avoid doing the same again, we fill our minds with the mistakes others made and respond based on that. In this way we carry the past into our present, and so into our future.

If we mix the past into the present, then this becomes the key that locks the intellect. It disables our ability to discern clearly, without influence.
We need to finish the past in the present moment by stepping back from the scene as soon as it happens. If within a moment we become detached then we free ourselves from influence and we will be able see the scene from a different perspective. This will allow us to then respond from a fresh and new space.

Have the power to let go and move on.


Om Shanti

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