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Defensive Listening


Listening is an art that I can truly master only when I am able to be absolutely silent within.

Often whilst listening I hear my inner voice activating a running commentary which continues to criticise, judge, analyse that which is being spoken. Irrespective of who or what I am ‘listening’ to there is a constant critic in action within.

Why do I do this? What is behind this auto pilot critic?

Looking closer at my internal processing I realise that when I am listening I am often holding an attitude of ‘defence’. Internally that little voice is defending my idea, my work, my position etc. My listening, and thus what I hear, is influenced by an attitude that has already taken a position of ‘defence’.

If I truly want to listen and understand the truth behind what is being spoken then I need to learn to listen with an attitude which is free from fear. There is actually no right and wrong or good and bad – it is a matter of perspective and just because someone else has a different perspective it does not make mine wrong.

When I spend time in silence I begin to free myself of deep rooted fears and expectations. This then allows me to truly listen without the need to judge or justify anything.


Om Shanti

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Clouds of Ignorance


Ignorance at its worst is when I reject something I don’t know anything about. But to force an opinion, even when I know the facts, is also a form of ignorance.

There will never be a time when I know all things. In a world that is constantly changing, facts only remain facts for a short time.
Everyone has their own perspective in looking at something and perspective is not necessarily based on fact but on experience and perhaps on personal choices. In between the two – facts and perspective – there are various levels of ignorance.

To be wise is to allow everything to be ‘right’ in the grand scheme of things… to understand that my ‘right’ does not mean someone else’s ‘wrong’. It does not work like that.

Remove the clouds of ignorance and allow the mind to work openly in an unlimited way.


Om Shanti

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The Right to be Right


When we decide to do something or say something then of course it is because we believe it to be right.

When two people have opposing views of what is right, then there is a clash.

Many of us cannot tolerate being wrong. We want to be right even at the risk of hurting those close to us and destroying relationships As a result we take on a great deal of stress and pain through the need to be right.

What makes something right and what makes it wrong?

What makes me step down and allow the other persons ‘right’ to be accepted, whilst renouncing my own need to be right?

What is ‘right’ is a matter of perspective and it is possible that both are right from their side.

When I find myself in a state of proving the self to be right, do I have the courage to step back and renounce my right to be right?


Om Shanti

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In every scene we face in life, we take a standpoint, a perspective. We may not always be aware of it but what and how we see things will be coloured by that perspective. It may be the influence of the role I am playing, my relationships, or my desire for a particular outcome.

When we stop challenging our perception it stops us from being able to offer something new to a situation.

We forget our own impact on a situation.

We need to examine the basis of our perspective so that we can be objective, and offer a detached insight or a solution to a situation. The moment I change – my perception, my attitude – that is the most powerful shifts in a situation.

Sit in a space of peace allowing the mind and body to relax and allow the peace inside to quietly emerge and offer a new perspective .


Om Shanti

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Hall of Mirrors


A mirror allows me to see myself in a way that others see me but which I cannot otherwise see.

When we walk into a Hall of Mirrors we are able to see many different reflections of ourselves from different perspectives. We may appear short, or tall, fat or thin etc. Each mirror holds a different vision of me which reflects back for me to see.

We often talk about relationships as mirrors. Different people consistently generate uncomfortable feelings in us or make us react in a certain way. Instead of blaming or avoiding these people, if we can see these relationships as our mirrors for ourselves we will be able to see something about ourselves which we may not be aware of.

Low self-esteem and we appear short, over ambitious, and perhaps greedy, appearing fat, egotistical and tall or maybe trying to deceive others or myself and appearing crooked.

When we see that the image in the mirror is not right then we will take action to correct it – after all we don’t want others to see us like that.

Are you checking yourself in the mirrors that come in front of you?


Om Shanti

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