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I sit quietly with myself. I allow my thoughts to slowly focus and become present in the moment, now.

I feel deep appreciation and connectedness with myself. My whole world is here, inside of me.

The place is inside.
The questions are inside.
The answers are inside.
The results are felt inside.
And in fact, I am actually also inside.

I realise the importance of keeping my inside clean, clear and pure. The need for myself to be careful not to develop a negative attitude towards the self or to be too critical of the self.

A great deal of love, patience and understanding is required. Then all that is on the inside will begin to shine outside and touch all aspects of my life.


Om Shanti

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The Inner World


I turn inwards and through the window of my inner eye, I look into the world within.

I watch and I listen to the incessant internal chattering and the scenes of drama that are being enacted. I see the various characters of my personality at play. How the ‘goodness’ within is influenced by other more negative aspects of the self. How jealousy plays out its role and greed and even irritation. And the biggest and strongest player of all is that of my ‘all knowing’ ego.

I observe that these negative characters actually ‘fight’ for me, for what they believe to be advantageous for me. However in doing so they weaken and even kill the purest and honest ‘goodness’ that I possess intrinsically and naturally within the soul.

It is my own inner world and I am the hero of this world – yet I allow the characters to play out their parts without any direction or control. The responsibility actually lies with the self, The Director, and not the characters or the play.

Let me wake up to my inner world and let me play my hero part there.

When my inner world is healthy then the outer one will follow suit.


Om Shanti

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Good Intentions


Everything begins with good intentions – what we say, what we do etc.

The thinking that follows is a by-product of intention. However my thoughts are also coloured by my past experiences and future desires and so the thinking, and thus the intention, becomes influenced.

‘If my intention is for them to be happy then why are my thoughts, feelings and actions not demonstrating that when they decide to go against what I would like them to do?’

It takes great humility to step back and to see what is happening, and then to allow myself the time and space to reconnect with the roots of my intention. The moment I do that I will free myself of the burden of fulfilling the intention.

Sustaining a connection with ourselves is what is required for us to remain true and pure in our feelings and intentions.


Om Shanti

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The sun shines constantly and continuously. It is unaware of any clouds that may come in its way. It doesn’t wait to see if someone is taking benefit or not, or whether they are hiding themselves away in their houses. The Sun just continues to shine and bestow. It carries on with its duty and in that is its contentment, value and respect.

If, instead of constantly trying to be something and someone that I think I need to be, like the sun, I just ‘be’ what I am originally, internally and naturally then I will be at peace with myself. I will be able to be happy and content. No question, no pretences, no masks or makeup. No trying to prove that I am good or right etc.

Just plain and simple me: original, eternal and purest soul.


Om Shanti

December 4, 2011 at 10:03 am 1 comment

Self Respect

Self respect is about respecting all the goodness that is within the self. Knowing it, realising it and then respecting it.

When I can start to identify myself as a soul, the spirit within the body, then the perspective with which I see myself will also change. The invaluable qualities and virtues inherit within the soul have to be recognised and experienced. This will free the soul and allow it to remain happy.

Those who have self respect do not look for respect from others. Give yourself time and don’t let go of your self respect so quickly.
Don’t see yourself as others sometimes see you and in doing so lose your self respect. See yourself as God sees you: as a pure soul.

Develop the habit of holding your self respect.


Om Shanti

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