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The Guide


God is my guide, the One that teaches, protects and shows me the way.

He is the One that holds the three aspects of time in His awareness and so knows my past, present and future.

When I turn inwards I listen to the voice within…who is speaking and to whom?
Do I spend time listening to the voice of God as he teaches me and guides me through each day or have I become too busy just listening to myself, my own inner voice that is overflowing with talk of my desires and my sorrows?

Does God have a place in that space within so that He is a part of my inner world? Can I hear the voice of God in amongst all the other noise that is going on?

If I open my inner ear to hear the voice of God then I will realise that He is ever present guarding and guiding me. He is always every ready to help at every moment. It is I that has no time or gives no importance to listen.


Om Shanti

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Treating Illness


When the body is ill there is pain or discomfort and so we realise that it has moved away from its natural state of balance. We take responsibility to cure the body by treating it. Though it may have been triggered by something from outside, such as the weather, the cure is in the treatment of the body and not in trying to change the weather.

In the same way when there is hurt, sadness and sorrow in the spirit then certainly something has caused it to move away from its natural state of balance. It is my responsibility to cure it by treating the spirit. Sitting and blaming anther for causing sorrow will never heal me.

A foreign body enters and causes illness and disease of the body. With the spirit too, it is a foreign body that enters and gives sorrow. It is one of the vices that has taken hold within that then causes the pain and suffering.

Any form of sorrow or upset is a sign that I have moved away from my own truth. It is warning that I am doing something unnatural and perhaps against my truth. The truth is that I am a pure, peaceful and powerful soul. I am truth and I am love.

When my truth is lost I feel sorrow. Without any form of vice there is only truth. Understand this and maintain the truth by curing the self of the vices.


Om Shanti

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The One


Who is the One who is the Almighty Authority, God?

To see Him, I need to become introverted and spend time with myself. To be introverted means not to allow anything external to enter the mind and to be able to recognise and sit with myself, the soul.

To know Him I need to first know myself. With the power of concentration the senses become completely still. I experience the self as energy and light.

In the stillness of my own being I am able to come in front of The One. He is extremely subtle, He is love, energy, light and power.

To recognise Him and to know Him as He is, is the most profound experience in life. It is the realisation of this eternal connection that empowers and transforms the soul and makes it full again.

Take time to recognise the self. Take time to recognise the One.

Om Shanti

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