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Why am I talking?


We often hear the phrase ‘Its good to talk’. And of course speech is a very powerful tool, allowing us to express our attitudes and true feelings.

However, as someone recently pointed out – whenever we speak, there is always a reason behind it. We may not be aware of it but definitely there is some intent and the quality of intent will vary from time to time. We may find that sometimes on a surface level the intent maybe loving and full of respect and it genuinely feels really good. But dive deeper under the surface and perhaps we may discover some deep personal desires of wants and needs that are governing the intent behind our talking …talking to take control, get regard, respect, be acknowledged, gain acceptance, be included, undermine others to feel more powerful…….

Its good to talk, but let me be honest and check my intent behind it. Let me make this a natural practice because surely as we learn to develop purity in our intent, the power behind our words will have a powerful positive impact – both on me and others!


Om Shanti

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Motivation or Intention


Behind motivation is always a reason – a goal. That goal then becomes the drive to do something – the motivation.

Intention on the other hand is a much deeper and more subtle character. It is based on deep feelings within the heart – good or bad feelings alike. Those feelings then become the drive behind our goals and aspirations.

So what, I hear you ask…

It is far easier to see our motivations but to see our intentions requires us to dig deeper within the self.

I wish to win the race is my motivation. If I fail then my drive dissipates, my hope and self belief start to falter.
Of course I wish to win the race, but if my intention is to prove I am capable, then win or lose I will not have lost the drive behind the action – the self respect and the will to carry on.

Am I driven by motivation or intention?


Om Shanti

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