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Spiritual Centering


My spiritual centre point is the inner space from where I experience my natural state of existence – a space of peace, love, joy, truth and strength.

In order to drive a car, we engage the gears and when we come to a stop, we need to disengage them and return to neutral. Similarly every time we think, speak or act, we are engaging. Sometimes we are able to move along in lower gears…..not moving too far away from our centre. However at times our ‘car’ goes into overdrive, moving way beyond its capacity – maybe even reach breaking point and we experience many stress related feelings and emotions.

A simple practice of taking a minute of each hour to return to the centre will protect me from wavering too far from my centre. Also the power I will have accumulated over time from the hourly practice of centering will allow me to navigate back to the centre quickly and effortlessly.

Take time out to dis-engage and re-charge.


Om Shanti

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A sin is usually something we do which is ‘wrong’ or ‘not good’. We try not to be sinful as we say that the result of sin is ‘punishment’.

The result of anything we do will always come back to us. This is the spiritual law of action: As I sow so shall I reap.
Punishment is thus just the natural spiritual return of having done something that was not good.

It is not that God gives the punishment for the sins I commit. He is the bestower of happiness, how would that One then give sorrow?
The one who commits the sin is me. The one who imposes the return of the sin is also me.

A sin is thus any thought, word or action which will eventually cause sorrow to the self and others.

Am I being sinful?

Om Shanti

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Inspired by the teachings of the Brahma Kumaris

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