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AUM is the eternal sound of creation…… and I exist ……. within this eternity

A – marks the beginning, the start of the journey through time
U – signifies expansion and the sustenance of the creation
M – marks closure – going back to the essence, the point, the seed


And then from the seed creation takes shape once again….
This is the eternal sound and the eternal cycle of creation.
This is the sound of ‘I’, the eternal being…

AUM means ….. I exist
AUM …. I am


Om Shanti

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The Seed of the Tree

A tiny seed is planted in the ground. With sunshine and water, over the course of time, naturally it grows and a huge tree emerges from it. Soon after the first signs of growth appear, the seed disappears!

God is the Seed of the Human World Tree. He is the Seed within which the secret of the whole tree resides. He is the seed of all goodness. The moment the seed is planted and creation is instigated, the Seed, God becomes incognito. He disappears. He detaches Himself and becomes the observer of creation.

The tree is allowed to grow as it wishes without interference, Time, nature and destiny decides how it grows and the quality of fruit that it bears. Each branch, twig and leaf, that is, each religion, community and soul of the tree is a relevant part of the tree. All are connected to the whole.

The seed gave all that it had and allowed creation to happen. We are the creation of that original seed of absolute goodness. Thus there is goodness within the core of each and every one of us.

Let us appreciate the seed and the variety in our human world tree.

Om Shanti

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Soul Story

Originally and eternally the soul has the nature of being peaceful, loveful, happy, pure and wise.

The soul is like a seed and all that it is is within the seed. Like the seed of a plant, it is only when it is planted in the ground, watered and given sunshine that it grows and expresses its nature. Until it is planted the seed cannot express that which it is.

The soul, the seed, also takes the support of matter, this body and when this happens it can express its nature.
Originally the soul was pure but over time it has acquired other personality traits and habits so that the true nature is nolonger visible.

Like the coconut, it has developed a rough, hard and ugly exterior and this is how it is identified. But the fact is that what is real and what is valuable is that which is within. The coconut is not the shell but the flesh within. The soul is not what is obviously seen, but that which is original, eternal and pure.

If I the soul can break through the hard, rough exterior then that which is truly natural will express itself.

Do I have the courage to break open the shell?

Om Shanti

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Inspired by the teachings of the Brahma Kumaris

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