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The Way of Silence


Spiritual power enables me to  maintain stability in the face of any situation Рgood or bad. It is a state of being that allows me to remain positive and empowered within myself, without dependency or influence of any external factor.

To develop this power I need to embrace silence. Silence allows me to hold my awareness within my inner space. If I can remain internalised, in this way, I will be able to remain connected with my thoughts, feelings and attitudes.

When I start to turn inwards I will see how silence becomes the anchor which allows me to chose. Inner silence hands back to me the power of choice. It gives me the ability to think before speaking, step back before judging and a space to understand before engaging in action.

Silence gives me the power of choice at every moment. A chance to choose to remain happy and peaceful whenever I wish. This is known as spiritual power.


Om Shanti

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My Still Point


Let me take the opportunity, right now, to connect with my still point.

Sitting quietly I allow the body to become quiet.

Turning my attention inwards I become the detached observer of my thoughts. As thoughts arise I watch them and see that the majority of my thoughts, if not all of them, are of the past or the future. When my mind strays towards the past or the future, when I move away from this moment now, I lose connection with my still point.

Let me consciously become present in the now with my thoughts and feelings. Let me focus on the silence that this moment holds – let me allow myself to experience that still point where I am beyond all thoughts.

To be in the still point means to experience the true self without the costumes and masks of roles and responsibilities. Within the still point is the awareness of truth and as a result the experience of total freedom – liberation.

How often does the mind allow me to be in this still point? Let me give myself permission to become still – it is my mind after all.


Om Shanti

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My Still Reality


Take a moment to become still.

Let the body become still….allow the mind to become still.
Feel the subtle energy around the body and allow that to also come to a point of stillness.

Now become aware of the soul, the consciousness within. Notice that it has become so still.

Within this stillness let me listen to the silence. Feel and experience the silence.

In the moment is held my reality. Who I am, what I am and what I need to do.

This is my reality.


Om Shanti

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Step into Silence


One would think that, compared to the big attractive physical world we live in, the inner world of silence would be dull, empty and insignificant.

However when I allow myself to let go, of everything that pulls me out into this physical ‘reality’, and step into my own inner space, then I will see and experience the value of silence.

It is the space in which I come face to face with the reality of myself. The self that cannot be seen but only be experienced. The realisation of my real identity – my eternity, my power and my beauty.

It is a space that is without the ‘noise’ – the sound, colour, movement – of the physical world which diverts me and attracts me outwards again and again. It is only in this space of inner silence that the self can be realised.

My inner silence is deep, subtle and full of riches. There is a very tangible experience of total contentment and of having reached.

Step into silence.


Om Shanti

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Listen in Silence


The anagram of listen is silent.

Silence enhances listening. When we listen properly it is possible to respond accurately.

To be able to listen fully, refrain from speaking. Don’t speak through the mouth. Pause the constant chatter within the mind. This will allow you to hear clearly.

Listen with an open mind and you’ll hear the words. Listen with your heart and you’ll understand the meaning of the words. Listen and it will enrich the way you respond.

To hear clearly, listen in silence.


Om Shanti

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Am I Extroverted?


Extroversion has many forms and we have developed a habit of extroversion as a means of dealing with life.

When we are extroverted we try to prove or project an image of our self which we are not really inside. Living too long with this habit or interaction divorces us from our self over time.

Projecting an image of ‘being good’ is a trap that we fall into so that others will like us , love us or respect us. The long term consequence of this is that we lose our connection with our self and our authenticity. We lose the ability to be comfortable in our own skin.

By being extroverted we hide the truth from the world but, worse we also distract ourselves from having to face the truth.

There is a place inside us that goes beyond this limited ‘I’ and ‘me’. Developing the practice of introspection will allow us to connect with our authentic self – the one that needs no external supports or approvals and no facade to sustain.

Take a moment out and sit quietly. Let go of all that you know about yourself and in silence take a journey to the core of your spiritual self. Sit in the awareness and the company of your own silent and gentle, authentic self.

Develop the habit of introversion!


Om Shanti

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Silent Space


When I sit in silence, away from the pulls of the physical world, I become silent deep within. The senses go beyond the attraction of seeing something, being somewhere or doing something.

In this silent and very real and honest space, in the depths of soul consciousness, it is here that realisations surface and the keys of transformation take shape.

If I don’t make time to visit this space then I will be completely oblivious to its existence. I will continue to live in the physical illusion of what is called the world and the ways of the world.

It is not necessary to experience this silent space, but to do so is to free the self from all that binds and controls me. It exposes me to a state of total liberation.

The silent space returns me to my natural state of being.

Om Shanti

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Silent Witness


At the very core of my being, in the innermost space, there is a place of total silence. To reach this space and to sit and experience it is the most profound experience.

Within this space I become the silent witness without any needs or pulls or duties.
Watching every scene without question. Deeply accepting the secrets of the drama being revealed slowly in my presence.

Internally there is so much stability that it is a stage of being free from waste. A stage of seeing everything, being a part of everything yet absorbing nothing. It is a strange but very liberating state of being.

In silence I can see reality as it is, without influence – nothing added and nothing taken away.

I am here watching this character play the role that has been given, but I am not the character or the role. I am the the silent witness within, the eternal and immortal soul.

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The Soundless Chant

When we walk into a temple, church, mosque, monastery etc. we often hear beautiful chanting.

It creates an atmosphere which holds us with the sounds and feelings of devotion that are very comforting. The notes are pleasing to the ears and the vibrations are pleasing to the heart.
This atmosphere has been created with the heartfelt communication with God: the talking and calling out to Him.

Now my own communication with God is in the form of a soundless chant. Within the vibrations of this chant I am also held very comfortably, but with love and power. It is a chant in which I the soul make no sound and have nothing to say. I just sit in the presence of God holding His remembrance. Here within this silent chant I am able to listen to God.

It is in this space of eternity where I belong. Within this soundless chant is the sound of total silence, total perfection.

Listen to the soundless chant.


Om Shanti

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The Depths Within

Going within is like a journey into the depths of the ocean.

Like the ocean, you will be first challenged by the waves on the surface. All the scenes that have accumulated within the conscious mind will surface in the form of waves and attempt to distract you. They will demand attention.
It is natural and part of the process. Hold on and allow the waves to pass without feeding them. Feeding will make them grow.

Just as you journey deeper into the ocean, the waves subside and you will begin to feel the underwater currents. The journey within will also be met with more subtle disturbances that are held within the subconscious mind. These, in the form of thoughts and feelings, will try to distract your concentration. Acknowledge them and allow them to pass.

As you reach the bottom of the ocean you will discover another world in which there is movement, colour and yet total silence. The depths within are even more amazing than those of the ocean. It is the sacred space within the self where there is complete stillness, silence and awareness of the self within eternity.

This is the space of absolute truth in which deep spiritual realisations emerge.

Take this journey and discover your own inner world.

Om Shanti

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