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The Light


Darkness is nothing but the absence of light. As soon as there is light, darkness no longer exists. You cannot create darkness, but when you take away light then darkness appears.

In the dark there is uncertainty, weariness and perhaps even a fear of the unknown or the unseen.

When there is ignorance in our lives there are these feelings of fear and uncertainty. With knowledge there is enlightenment, wisdom and a freedom that releases the soul from sorrow.

Spirituality brings enlightenment. It brings the light back into the soul and frees it from fear and pain. And as one practises and applies spirituality into their daily life, it makes the soul shine bright and brighter until it becomes a guide for others too.

Step into the light today.


Om Shanti

November 26, 2015 at 9:12 am 1 comment

Lighthouse of Hope


Nature run’s its own course and no one can stand in its way.

In current times, we are witnessing the suffering and sorrow of souls across the globe – from east to west, north to south cries of sorrow and distress can be heard.

The seemingly ‘powerful’ race of humankind stands helpless, watching, as so much is being destroyed. No amount of money, influence or technology can heal the pain that is being experienced.

At this time, whilst we watch the scenes of nature unfold, what can we do?

Like lighthouses, we can stand tall, still and silent for a moment. From deep within our hearts and minds, we can generate and emanate thoughts of pure feelings and good wishes in one single focused moment. The power of that spiritual light will surely reach and touch souls everywhere and once again ignite hope in their hearts.


Om Shanti

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Treating Illness


When the body is ill there is pain or discomfort and so we realise that it has moved away from its natural state of balance. We take responsibility to cure the body by treating it. Though it may have been triggered by something from outside, such as the weather, the cure is in the treatment of the body and not in trying to change the weather.

In the same way when there is hurt, sadness and sorrow in the spirit then certainly something has caused it to move away from its natural state of balance. It is my responsibility to cure it by treating the spirit. Sitting and blaming anther for causing sorrow will never heal me.

A foreign body enters and causes illness and disease of the body. With the spirit too, it is a foreign body that enters and gives sorrow. It is one of the vices that has taken hold within that then causes the pain and suffering.

Any form of sorrow or upset is a sign that I have moved away from my own truth. It is warning that I am doing something unnatural and perhaps against my truth. The truth is that I am a pure, peaceful and powerful soul. I am truth and I am love.

When my truth is lost I feel sorrow. Without any form of vice there is only truth. Understand this and maintain the truth by curing the self of the vices.


Om Shanti

January 30, 2014 at 9:56 am 1 comment



We all make mistakes from time to time, and when they happen they generate a negative and uncomfortable feeling inside.

Any type of negativity that we experience causes us varying degrees of pain and sorrow.

If I am able to adjust my attitude and take a standpoint of ‘learning’ in the face of mistakes, then this will act as
armour around me. It will protect me from suffering and help to mitigate the damage.
This process, in which negative is converted into positive, mistakes into learning, will ultimately bring benefit and growth.

Don’t hold onto mistakes. Transform them into valuable lessons for tomorrow.

Om Shanti

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Flu of Feelings

Feelings are the basis of what I experience to be life. I may have everything on a physical and material level but if I am not feeling good, if I am not happy then what is the point of it all?

The flu of feelings makes us feel down, heavy, maybe even upset. It is triggered by many things: by what people are saying, things of the past, from within my own self about myself etc. It starts with a very subtle form of questioning within the mind about something that is happening around me.

When feelings emerge then the whole history of thoughts and emotions related to that erupt. Any form of sorrow is the result of some dependency or attachment within.

I need to step back from my feelings and questioning mind and look very deeply and honestly within the self. I will see many hidden things inside.  What is it that is pulling and bonding itself to me? Is it a person, position, possession or place?

If I am able to see it, I will be able to understand and thus detached from it, setting myself free from the feelings.

Am I feeding the flu of feelings or treating it?

Om Shanti

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Gossip is like a fire. It starts with a tiny spark: a small misunderstanding, untruth or fact.

The spark, if fuelled, will create a fire which will spread and will continue to spread. And as it expands it will cause more and more damage along its path.

Gossip is such that it makes that which is false or insignificant into something that is ‘true’ and significant. It spreads like fire, fuelled by everyone’s support. And along its way it breeds the feelings of sorrow and upset for many souls.

To partake in gossip means to choose to use one’s thoughts and words in a way that will harm and cause unhappiness and pain to another. The result of this will definitely be the same in return. This is the universal law of karma.

Stop and check – am I fuelling gossip?

Om Shanti

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The Soul

The soul is incognito. it cannot be seen with the eyes but it can be experienced.

A blind man cannot see the sun, nor can he touch it yet he knows that the sun exists. He experiences the warmth it gives.
If the blind man does not go out in the day time, when the sun is out, then he would not be able to experience the warmth. He would not know of the sun. But that does not mean that it does not exist.

The soul is invisible but it takes the support of matter which is visible. Because the body can be seen, we make the body the ‘identity’ and give it a name for reference. Then over time it becomes who I am, and I believe that too!

When we start believing that we are the body, that is when our story changes from one of freedom and happiness to that of bondage and fear. This is why we need to regain the awareness of the soul. The real me.

It needs a willingness to want to experience. It needs space and time to allow the self to experience something that is invisible.

Do I want to know who I am really?

Om Shanti

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Each and every one of us is a child of God. Thus, each one of us has a predestined fortune guaranteed for us which no one can take away.

However the fortune remains dormant until it is awakened. And how can it be awakened?
Purity is needed to awaken fortune. Purity means, a mind and intellect that is not influenced by any vice.

When fortune is awakened then cease to cause anyone sorrow. In fact I will become bestowers of of happiness.

It is time to awaken your fortune.

Om Shanti

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Vices & Virtues

Originally and eternally the soul has the natural nature of being virtuous.

Over time and life, vices entre the soul. The soul creates the habit of expressing these vices rather than its virtues.
The repetition of an action creates a habit. The repetition of a habit creates a nature, a personality….and this is the story of the soul.

We have reached a point in time when all souls express vices so naturally and automatically that the concept that vices originally never existed cannot even be imagined.

It is not possible for vices to bring the fruit of happiness in the long run. The reality of vices is that they cause sorrow.
The vices of Lust, Greed, Anger, Attachment and Ego have enslaved the soul into being needy from the outside.

The virtues of Love, Peace, Joy, Purity and Wisdom will free the soul and allow it to be naturally in a state of contentment.

It is time to check and change. Am I using my virtues or the vices?

Om Shanti

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