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On my spiritual journey, the question that constantly arises in my mind and in my consciousness is …..who am I?

Who am I?

I find myself engrossed in activities and engaged in conversations and soon enough I become a part of that which is happening around me. In fact I lose myself in that and in doing so I lose the connection with my true identity. Who I am is then based on what I do and how I look and what I have achieved.

However, who was I before all of that? what was I?

My identity is that of a spiritual entity, of soul. Subtle, pure and complete. I have moved so far away from my original identity, that I find it difficult to comprehend. And yet, the ultimate truth is that I am a soul.
A being of spiritual light, eternal and immortal…….

If I allow myself to be still and detach from the gross reality that I have become accustomed to, then I will be able to transcend into the subtle and the reality of that.

I the soul am a subtle energy, let me experience that now.


Om Shanti

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InheritenceI am drawn in to solitude. Somehow, within solitude I find comfort and a freedom for the self.
When I sit in solitude, alone……. I create a world made up of me and everything that I am. It is where I feel comfortable. Not that it is always a place of great happiness and joy, but even a lonely one of hopelessness and self-pity. It is a world I create and one which is limited by my own imagination and perception. A place I want to be and am ‘comfortable’ being in.
Is there another type of solitude that I can experience?
Solitude in the subtle company of God – this is a totally different space and experience. It is an environment in which there is power, attainment and happiness. All the ingredients that allow me to open up and explore the depths of spirituality and the richness of spirit.
I step back into this solitude – this is where I want to be.
Om Shanti

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The Light


Darkness is nothing but the absence of light. As soon as there is light, darkness no longer exists. You cannot create darkness, but when you take away light then darkness appears.

In the dark there is uncertainty, weariness and perhaps even a fear of the unknown or the unseen.

When there is ignorance in our lives there are these feelings of fear and uncertainty. With knowledge there is enlightenment, wisdom and a freedom that releases the soul from sorrow.

Spirituality brings enlightenment. It brings the light back into the soul and frees it from fear and pain. And as one practises and applies spirituality into their daily life, it makes the soul shine bright and brighter until it becomes a guide for others too.

Step into the light today.


Om Shanti

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Tolerance is Power


Life continuously presents us with a variety of situations.

Tolerance is an internal process of adjusting and adapting the self to the things that come to challenge us each day.

Tolerance brings flexibility and the ability to remain internally stable and secure. It is not about suppressing, enduring or resisting reaction, but about allowing the self to let go of the need to be in control, mentally and physically.

Learning to take support from the self, by using my internal resources in this way, allows the power of spirituality to grow. This in turn develops my ability to face whatever life throws at me.

In the face of challenge, where do I take my support from? Do I go within or do I still rely on a variety of external supports?

Om Shanti

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Living Spirituality

Having spirituality in our lives means that there is a conscious and constant process of internal learning happening.

When understanding is followed by deep realisation then it enables us to imbibe our learning. This is the key to transformation. It also brings the truth of spirituality into practical life.

Sometimes we learn something and try and apply it. It may be the fact that anger is not good and thus I should not express it. This is true but in itself this will not bring about transformation. At the time we may hold the anger, we may suppress it, so that it does not surface. But we are likely to still not agree with what the other was doing or still hold the pain that it may have caused or not be totally forgiving etc.

There needs to be a realisation of the spiritual truth behind the scene. An understanding of the root of the issue, which is always only within the self. Then the decision to respond will be based on the deep spiritual benefit of choosing to do something in a different way

It is a subtle but essential step in bringing spirituality to life.

Don’t miss the step!


Om Shanti

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Spiritual Clouds

Water particles slowly collect to form clouds. Once full, the clouds will naturally go and shower rain wherever it is needed.

When we spend time working on the self from within, it allows us to develop spiritually. It enables us to be filled, drop by drop, with good wishes, pure feelings and spiritual power.

When the essence of the teachings has been drawn out and absorbed deeply wthin the soul, then spirituality will do its own work. It will be showered naturally on people and places, within relationships and in the atmosphere.

Spirituality is for sharing, but it can only be effectively shared when it has first been imbibed within the self and practised deeply.

Become a spiritual cloud!

Om Shanti

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