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Deep, Deeper, Deeper Still


Taking time out for ourselves just to sit quietly has become a luxury many of us cannot afford these days. There is just no time, we argue. A never ending ‘to do’ list.

It might be surprising however to find that it is when I give time to connect with my innermost self, that I will be able to ‘generate’ more time.

By diving deep into my inner world, I move away from the surface of my mind where I am subject to the turbulent effects of external influences. In the depths of the self I am the captain of my mind. In the still waters within I am reconciled with my own peace and stillness. My thoughts slow down. There is a sense of calm and clarity.

As I re-surface from the depths within, I sense a change in the nature of my thoughts ….fewer in quantity but greater in quality. With few but powerful thoughts my capacity for handling tasks and responsibilities has grown manifold.

Invest in ‘quiet time’ regularly and reap the reward……fewer thoughts, powerful thoughts.


Om Shanti

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Who am I?


We play many roles and have personalities and cultures that reflect the variety of things that we do. However what underpins all that we do, is who it is that we are.

WHO am I ?

Pause for a moment……….
Allow nothing to attract the mind from the outside or from the inside.
Be still…………
Be silent………….
Be present in the moment.

Let the consciousness of the body dissolve……….
Allow your awareness to touch the conscient energy within……….
The living energy that you are.

In this stillness, this silence, emerge the awareness of your own existence without the body……….

I am a soul, a tiny point of living energy, seated in the centre of the forehead………..

Hold this truth, this awareness in your consciousness.

Om Shanti

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The Point

Everything begins with a point. It is the centre of all things.

I am a tiny point of light, a point of pure consciousness that sits silently in the centre of the forehead.
In the awareness of the point I am able to see all that goes on around me through the windows of my eyes. The scenes of the drama unfold and I watch, listen and interact but remain aware that I am the point.

The moment I lose the awareness of the point, I stop watching the scenes of the drama and become a part of the drama. I allow external things to go inside and invade the sacredness of self. Then I forget I am the point and focus on the drama and the results. I lose my stillness and purity of conscience.

It is time to return to the centre, to the point.


Om Shanti

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The Depths Within

Going within is like a journey into the depths of the ocean.

Like the ocean, you will be first challenged by the waves on the surface. All the scenes that have accumulated within the conscious mind will surface in the form of waves and attempt to distract you. They will demand attention.
It is natural and part of the process. Hold on and allow the waves to pass without feeding them. Feeding will make them grow.

Just as you journey deeper into the ocean, the waves subside and you will begin to feel the underwater currents. The journey within will also be met with more subtle disturbances that are held within the subconscious mind. These, in the form of thoughts and feelings, will try to distract your concentration. Acknowledge them and allow them to pass.

As you reach the bottom of the ocean you will discover another world in which there is movement, colour and yet total silence. The depths within are even more amazing than those of the ocean. It is the sacred space within the self where there is complete stillness, silence and awareness of the self within eternity.

This is the space of absolute truth in which deep spiritual realisations emerge.

Take this journey and discover your own inner world.

Om Shanti

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Who’s Causing the Ripples?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our life was like a still pond, fully content and thus still and silent on the inside?

However what we find is that pebbles are constantly being thrown into our pond. People throw pebbles and I myself also throw in pebbles. Each one creates ripples in the pond which disrupts the stillness.
Then we try to stop the ripples in whichever way we can. We may even attempt to retrieve the pebble from the pond in an attempt to stop the ripples. In doing so we make the pond prone to even more ripples and  disturbances.

If a pebble is thrown into our pond, for whatever reason, it will cause ripples – understand it, accept it. It is also a fact that if I leave it, step back and just watch the ripples then eventually, in time, the ripples will die away by themselves; they will pass. In trying the control and correct them I make things even more complicated, especially for the self

When pebbles are thrown into the pond of our life in the form of situations that happen, keep it simple and let it take its course. Let it pass, and it will. Hold on and it will stay and grow.

The choice is yours.


Om Shanti

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The Solution

Was there ever a time when there were no questions: before curiosity was born and the attitude of ‘needing to know’ took shape?
If there was it would have been an age of contentment, innocence and probably an innate awareness that everything was as it should be.

Let me sit in stillness and silence for a moment, clearing the mind and intellect from even the concept of questions and answers. In this space I become free from confusion, from information and its overload.

In stillness and silence I enter a realm of absolute and ultimate truth. Within this space the solution, the next step will present itself naturally: the natural law of progression will give the solution.

Have the courage and let go of the need to question.


Om Shanti

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Power to Withdraw

With constant focus on an external, ever changing world we have allowed that world to influence our inner world. Invite a changing chaotic world in and our inner world will be the same.

The first step in restoring inner calm and focus is to withdraw our attention from the outer world. It is about disconnecting from the outside and then connecting to the inside.

We need to be able to do this in order to control our reactions to what goes on around us – with people and situations.
If we are not the master of our senses and all the incoming stimuli, we will be their slave.

Connecting within to a space of stillness and silence totally refreshes the mind and allows us to be clear and objective. Within this space we have time to examine our thoughts, feelings, intentions and motives and then to change them based on a deeper understanding. It is a matter of switching awareness from the outer world to the inner world, and giving the inner world importance.

It takes only a moment to react, it takes only a moment to withdraw…Each brings it’s own fruit!

Om Shanti

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