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Peace, Silence and Power


Peace of mind begins when there is no waste or negativity within my thinking. It is then that the incognito battle within the mind stops. Thoughts slow down and become few and I experience peace within my mind.

If I allow anything to come and disturb this state of thinking then I myself am responsible for the peacelessness that arises. Peace or peacelessness are a state of mind. Peace cannot be kept by force, it can only be achieved through understanding.

From peace I consciously take a step into silence. I connect with the feelings and vibrations around me and within me. This opens the door to experience the subtlety of my authentic self.

Within the experience of self, the power of spirit emerges. A spiritual strength which gives a sense of contentment and completeness. Of having reached my destination.


Om Shanti

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My Authentic Self


Let me take a moment to stop. Stop physical activity, stop the thoughts in my mind and the feelings in my heart.

Having stopped let me now take a step inwards into that space that is at the very core of my being. That sacred space where I am alone with my conscience …my authentic self.

What is the authentic self – Is it my name, my role, my position or possessions? When I become focused in this space, detached from activity, thoughts and feelings, I realise that I am none of these.

My authentic and real self is the in-visible spirit within this body. Authentic is that which is original and always. That which is today and will be tomorrow. Let me take a moment to see, understand and experience the authentic self.

Everything in life changes, even my own personality and so what is authentic within the self?


Om Shanti

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It Will Pass


When confronted with a challenge, it is as though somehow I allow my mind to become totally engrossed with the person or situation that is challenging me – it becomes the focus of my thoughts and feelings. I may not even be consciously aware of it.

Quite often the situation is relatively small but, with the support of my thoughts and feelings, it becomes huge.

I may be feeling uncomfortable, I may even have been hurt, but thinking and re-thinking will only feed those emotions further.

If I take a moment and stand back form the scene, it gives me an opportunity to reflect on the matter and understand how best I can manage the situation. It takes courage to stop, step back, learn and accept that in life everything that comes will pass.

The situation will pass, the pain will pass and the people will pass – it will pass.

Stop and watch the scenes in life – they will pass if I allow them to. Will I let them pass?


Om Shanti

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Who’s at Fault?


Someone did something wrong – it happens – but what follows is much more important than the mistake itself.

The immediate reaction internally, to arising feelings, is that we experience continuous waves of thoughts about that situation.
We replay the scene again and again in our minds and confirm it to be their fault. Or we try and justify it with reason and excuses. We may even become critical and start to blame.

We think and over think about the mistake and in doing so we allow it to grow in our mind until it becomes a big thing.

If we continue to focus on what is wrong then how will it ever finish or improve?

A negative can never be transformed by adding more negativity, just like adding more darkness to an already dark room will keep it dark. Light is needed to transform or finish the darkness.

Getting stuck in a situation will not allow us to see the solution. It will also not allow us to learn and grow from the experience.

Stop and let go of blame and justification – concentrate on the solution.


Om Shanti

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Attention to Tension


Tension is a common state of mind of many of us. We get tense and stressed about many things.

Tension happens because we have not paid attention to what is going on in our minds.
In the dramas of life many scenes will continue to happen. Many things may even be outside our direct control.

In the conversations that happen, inside and outside, if I continue to ask ‘why?’, ‘what?’, ‘how?’, if I continue to question the scene, trying to understand it, then this will create a tsunami of thoughts and feelings inside which in turn will create and sustain tension in my life.

Stop for a moment. Stop asking questions as questions alone will not change the situation nor solve the problem.
Just let it be. Move on and leave the scene behind.

Pay attention to what is going on in the mind and so become free from tension!

Om Shanti

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What’s in the Words

Communication is part of life. We use words to build relationships and societies.

So often, the words we use are flavoured with our underlying feeling about the person or situation in question. Then the words that are expressed will be bitter, sweet or even sour.

Sometimes it is important that feelings are conveyed within our communication. However the purpose of communication is to convey a message in a way that will be understood.

When words emerge from a volcano of feelings, without much discernment, then what is communicated, instead of the message,  is maybe the ‘dislike’, the ‘prejudice’ etc. This then generates further pain and sorrow making the situation even more complex.

So often words are spoken with so much force, emotion and bitterness that they hurt rather than to communicate. Once words are spoken, that is it – there is no way they can ever be taken back. Then no matter how many other words we use to pacify or justify the outburst, the damage will have already been done.

Stop, think, speak. Pause before you communicate.

Om Shanti

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