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Spiritual Pilgrim


I am a spiritual pilgrim, a spiritual traveller, travelling through time.

The journey is long – it seems to go on and on to beyond.

Where am I going to?
A gentle response, from deep within the soul, utters – It is a pilgrimage from myself back to me.

It is an incognito journey I take to find myself. A journey I take alone, that no-one else can see or understand.
It happens in this moment, and in every moment that passes by. The journey is rooted within myself – within the active experience of my thoughts, feelings and emotions.
The happiness and joy, the stress and anger, the friend and the enemy, the bonus and the challenge – these, and more, are all scenes and side scenes that I pass through each day. They are on the journey but are not the destination.

I must journey on and just let them pass…and they will. I don’t need to pack them up and carry them on my journey – that would just be excess baggage that will make the journey more difficult.

Let me not stop. Let me let go and continue my pilgrimage back to me.

Om Shanti

February 16, 2017 at 9:38 am 2 comments

The Control Factor


Situations happen – they are a part and parcel of life and with them come stress, pain, tension and worry. However these are not a part and parcel of life – they are actually a choice we make.

Situations, people, nature, circumstances etc.. are beyond our control – they have their own momentum and path. When we are not willing to let go of that which we cannot control then we choose to move into a space of stress, worry and tension.

Acceptance and the willingness to let go and move on allows us to protect ourselves from these negative by-products of wanting to control.

Letting go of control is not just a physical thing – it is about mentally and emotionally letting go of the need to control a situation.

In the face of challenges, If we are able to stop and step into our inner space and see another perspective then it will allow us to free ourselves and move on. The longer we hold onto something, in the hope to control or change the outcome, the harder it will be to let go because the deeper will be the mental and emotional bonds to it.

When we realise the futility of control we will be able to turn to ourselves and instigate a more positive change from within.

Om Shanti

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The Control Factor


We all want the best for ourselves and as a result we work hard to make things happen. With determination we can achieve anything.

There is however a difference between the virtue of determination and that of needing to have control over things in order to achieve success.

We often face challenges in achieving our goals. The power of determination will allow us to adjust and adapt to challenges whilst keeping the goal in mind.

Control on the other hand will not allow flexibility and thus will breed fear of not achieving. As a result it will give rise to stress, tension and anger. We will try and control things and make things happen in the way they ‘should be’ and thus try and force things in an ‘un-natural’ way.

No matter how much force we use to control people and circumstances, there is never a guarantee of results. And a forced victory, received at the cost of much hurt and stress, is a bitter fruit.

Learn to hold determination and let go of the need to control.


Om Shanti

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Attention to Tension


Tension is a common state of mind of many of us. We get tense and stressed about many things.

Tension happens because we have not paid attention to what is going on in our minds.
In the dramas of life many scenes will continue to happen. Many things may even be outside our direct control.

In the conversations that happen, inside and outside, if I continue to ask ‘why?’, ‘what?’, ‘how?’, if I continue to question the scene, trying to understand it, then this will create a tsunami of thoughts and feelings inside which in turn will create and sustain tension in my life.

Stop for a moment. Stop asking questions as questions alone will not change the situation nor solve the problem.
Just let it be. Move on and leave the scene behind.

Pay attention to what is going on in the mind and so become free from tension!

Om Shanti

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Situations and Solutions


Situations and circumstances come to us all. They challenge us in moving along our chosen path.

However when I am in the face of a situation, what is it that is going on within, in my mind?
Do I focus on the situation or do I work on the solution. Whether it is situations or solutions it is this that will dictate my state of mind and state of being, whether I am stress and confused or calm and resolved. Whether my thoughts are positive or negative.

The more I focus on the solution, the more I will be able to remain positive within. It will not only empower me but enable me to more easily pass through the situation and see success. And most of all it will free me from the sickness of stress and tension that negatively brings.

Take control and find solutions!

Om Shanti

October 10, 2013 at 9:55 am 2 comments

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