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Embrace Change


When things around us remain the same then we adapt to them and become comfortable in that physical or even mental and emotional space. We begin to feel ‘safe’ and ‘secure’ in that which we know. Why disrupt the status quo?

However life is a journey and we are in fact moving all the time. Even on a physical level, the cells in our bodies are regenerating themselves constantly. Change is a fact of life.

When we try and resist change then it becomes a challenge and thus the enemy. If we understand change and try and embrace it then we will realise that change is actually beneficial. Change enables us to increase our potential, allowing us to learn and grow. It brings newness and allows transformation to take place.

Stand up and embrace change don’t resist it.


Om Shanti

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Beauty and the Beast


When I look in the mirror what do I see? Who do I see?

Do I see the beauty within with all the values and qualities that I have? Or do I see faults and disappointments and a person that I would rather not be?

In fact we all have a ‘beauty’ and a ‘beast’ within each one of us. The beauty is that which is originally and eternally all that I am: the perfect soul, clean and pure. The beast is the personality that I have acquired along the way. The negative habits I have formed to help me win the game of life – anger, greed and the ever hungry ego.

If, with total faith and trust, my awareness is rooted in my original and eternal beauty, the fearsome form of the beast will transform itself in its presence. I need the courage to accept and face the beast that is present. It is not something to fear or be ashamed of but something to understand and see in perspective.

Then life will no longer be a battle between the beauty and the beast, but will become a story of love and transformation.

Om Shanti

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Are you being Polished?

Freshly polished brass is very attractive. It shines and sparkles and stands out as something valuable. If left alone, over time the same brass will become tarnished and dull.

Like the brass, I the soul have also become tarnished over the course of time. What is required is a good polish and I will be transformed back into that which I was.

When polish is applied, some effort is required and it takes time to transform it. The brass itself has to go through the process of ‘pain’ and some ‘rough’ treatment as the dirt is removed and the shine is again revealed. Changing the cloth or the polish will not make it any easier.

In our life of spirituality we work towards self transformation and transformation is the proof of spirituality. It takes time and patience for that transformation to take place. Internally there may be some discomfort and renunciation that I need to go through. But it is necessary to hold on and allow the process to take place.

If I want to shine then a good polish is required. Are you being polished?


Om Shanti

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Transformation through Silence

Transformation is a very subtle and internal thing. Although its result can be seen in our actions and words, transformation actually happens within.

It is only through the constant practice of going into silence and introversion that I will be able to transform the subtle weaknesses and negative personality traits that exist.

It is only in silence that they are visible to me and only in silence that they can be removed. In fact silence is the most important part of the self learning process.

Just as a caterpillar goes into a cocoon for some time and through that process it is transformed into a butterfly, so silence is the cocoon for the soul.

Commitment to change comes from very deep within the self, from a place of silence.
Commitment to change needs courage not to remain comfortable.

Om Shanti

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Creator and Creation

Who is the Creator and what is His creation?

If God is the Creator then what would His creation be? Would it be a world of violence and fear. A world of bondage and sorrow? Would He then create me, with all my faults and flaws, to live in this world of His?

God is the Creator but he creates only which is pure, that which gives total happiness and is free from sorrow. He creates the best so that we can enjoy the best. He creates the best world and He creates me with all the best that I can be.

Then who created this world we live in today? Was that not God also?
God gave us the best and we used it and used it and then abused it and just look what we have made it now.

Now is the time for the Creator to re-create that which has been spoilt. Now is that time for transformation from old to new, from bad to good. And for me it is the time for self transformation – from all that I am to all that I was originally in my purest form.

Om Shanti

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The proof of our spiritual journey is seen in our own transformation. To allow the transformation to take place there is a need for some renunciation. In transformation, something has to be left behind, something has to be renounced.

To renounce something means to forget it. If I have externally renounced something, but my mind hasn’t forgotten it, that cannot be true renunciation.

Physical renunciation is one thing, but the mind and the heart have accumulated so much ‘rubbish’ over time. There has been so much hurt, anger and disappointment that I continue to carry along my journey. When I am able to identify this waste, understand it, then renounce it and never think of it again, that is true renunciation.  It will free the spirit from its cage of the many bondages and burdens trapping it and allow it to fly free.

Do I have the courage to renounce? Do I have the courage to allow the mind to forget?

Om Shanti

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Everyone wants to have love, peace and happiness in their life. However, most of the time, the situations in life somehow tend to deliver experience that are opposite to that. So there is the gross and subtle experiences of discontentment, fear, sorrow and stress. How can I transform this experience?

We do not have the ability to control anything that happens outside of ourselves. Things have their own direction and purpose and will continue.

No matter what tests life throws at me, if I can stop, step back and transform the situation and my own perception of it, then I will give myself the opportunity to choose.
I have the choice of how to respond to each scene in my life. I can choose to hold onto my happiness if I wish to. I can choose to understand the situation and respond to it rather than to react to it and experience negative feelings. I am the one that chooses whether I allow a situation to steal my happiness and peace or not.

Will you take a moment and choose to transform the situation?

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