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The Heart Trap


We make so many decisions each day, consciously and subconsciously. Those decisions then become the basis of the words and actions that follow.

Sometimes decisions are clear and obvious and at other times illogical and even crazy! What is the basis of the decisions we make? What influences our decisions?

Whatever is in the heart will influence the thoughts that arise in the mind and then that will direct the intellect in making its decisions. Whatever is in our hearts is reflected in our thinking and then manifests in our words and actions.

When the heart is holding onto bad feelings and negative experiences, by seeing and realising it, there is an opportunity to release ourselves from that influence. That then frees us from so many other potential traps that can be generated from the feelings in the heart.

Take a moment to open the door of the heart and see what is really going on.


Om Shanti


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Spirituality is the day to day liberation of the mind from its many dependencies.

Even though dependencies do cause a lot of pain and sorrow, they are at the same time ‘comfortable’.
People may consciously deny it, but most prefer their dependencies and the ‘comfort’ they give, to freedom.

Dependent people are in a golden cage – comfortabley trapped!

It is all a question of the state of the mind. The mind is the engine from which the whole expression and experience of life is created.

What is it that is controlling your mind?

Om Shanti

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Inspired by the teachings of the Brahma Kumaris

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