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The Power to Discern


To discern means the power to differentiate between, for example, what is ‘right’ and what is ‘wrong’, what is ‘good’ and what is not. It is the power to know – an aspect of being knowledge-full.

What clouds my ability to discern with accuracy?

Greed and Desire do not allow me to see what is needed but only show me what I want.

Attachment will make me defend the thing I am attached to, whether it is right or wrong.

Anger is based on subtle fear and always challenges situations to keep me in the comfort zones I have created.

Ego is based on an attitude that “I already know”. It doesn’t allow me to see all the facts in the equation but assume them.

In any situation, when the power of discernment is needed, I first need to check that my judgement is not being clouded by those five vices.


Om Shanti

November 28, 2013 at 9:23 am 1 comment

The Diamond Within

You are the diamond sitting within this body. The diamond is tiny yet beautiful and extremely valuable.

The sparkle of the diamond reveals itself through the facets which shape it; it sparkles with all the colours of the rainbow. The diamond within also sparkles with a multitude of virtues and specialities of the soul.

Even if the diamond is dropped in mud, it is still a diamond and just as valuable. The sparkle may be hidden as it has become covered in mud but it is still there.
When I the soul become covered by the vices, it is the same situation. It does not mean the virtues are gone or the value is no longer there. They are just hidden and suppressed by the vices.

It is time to clean the diamond within, wash it with the water of wisdom and see the diamond sparkle once again – restored to its original state.

Let’s start cleaning.


Om Shanti

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It is not possible for two opposites to exist at the same place at the same time: truth and untruth, happiness and sorrow, lightness and darkness.

So if I am experiencing the explosion of anger, then it is not possible for love to be present. Truth means truth. If even a grain of falsehood exists within truth then it is nolonger truth.

If I lie to protect the truth, then I have made that truth into untruth. If I become angry in the name of love, then that cannot be love.

When I see things so clearly as opposites then I can begin to understand that there cannot be any compromise in what I say or do.

My virtues are the most valuable thing I have and yet the power of each vice is its own. Just one drop of poison in a vessel of nectar will make all of the nectar in the vessel poisonous.

Value virtue, never compromise it.


Om Shanti

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Time Bank

How do I use my time? Am I accumulating with each day, hour, minute?

When we talk about accumulation it does not refer to material wealth but spiritual wealth: peace, love happiness and thus internal spiritual power. With each thought, word and action I choose to become a richer person or not. I need to check whether am I choosing to accumulate something within the self, or am losing something?

When I accumulate on a spiritual level I will feel contented and empowered. I will not be in a state of being ‘needy’.

If I am able to apply spiritual wisdom in response to any situation then I will find that internally I accumulate power, or at least I don’t lose my power. Feelings of pain or any expression of the vices will not present themselves, even within challenging scenes.

It takes courage to maintain a determination to accumulate as I will most definitely need to renounce temporary attainments from the influences of the vices within. But, that renunciation will very quickly give the experience of power in the form of peace, happiness etc.

What are you choosing to do today?


Om Shanti

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Who’s in your Drama?

When I look at my drama of life carefully then I will be able to see the various characters that are playing their parts.

In my drama there are only 4 characters. There is me, then one called Virtue, another called Vice and finally there is God.

These are the characters in my drama of life. Each one is acting out their parts. All will interact with me at some point, after all it is my own drama.

When Virtue comes and shares the stage, it’s great fun, easy and clean. When I am face to face with Vice, do I remain detached and watch the play or am I pulled into the the details of what is good and what is bad? And then when God comes in His incognito way, do I hear the guidance and advice?

Do I know the characters in my drama; do I know the role they play? And above all, how do they influence the way I play out my own part.

Are you watching your drama? Do you know who is who?

Om Shanti

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Self Portrait

When portraits are painted, much care and attention is given to detail. The physical features are portrayed in the most beautiful way possible.

The portrait of ‘I’ the soul is captured in a very different way. It is seen within my personality, within my actions, interactions and relationships.

Each day I add detail to my portrait. With each thought, each word and each action I am adding personality to my portrait. With repetition the personality becomes firm.

The colours and paint strokes I choose for my portrait have importance. The more I apply a specific paint stroke, of a particular colour, the more that feature becomes prominent within the personality of my portrait. Each action I perform is the paint stroke and each colour I choose is a virtue or vice.
Take care with each of the strokes. Take care to select the right colours so that the portrait that is created is one that you like.

Paint Well!

Om Shanti

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Attachment is what we would call a ‘good looking’ vice. But it is a vice all the same.

We have many ‘needs’ both physical and emotional. When something or someone gives the feeling of a need being fulfilled, then we want to make sure we don’t lose that. So attachment develops in order to keep that need fulfilled.

On the face of it, attachment is quite attractive. It promises the feeling of safety and security in having acquired something that was much needed.
However the other face of attachment is that it invokes the emotions and experience of fear and insecurity with the possibility of losing that which I am attached to. Then the internal struggle begins, making life into an emotional roller-coaster ride.

In an ever changing-world, nothing and no-one can ever remain the same. It can never be for ever.

Let go and be free!

Om Shanti

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Vices & Virtues

Originally and eternally the soul has the natural nature of being virtuous.

Over time and life, vices entre the soul. The soul creates the habit of expressing these vices rather than its virtues.
The repetition of an action creates a habit. The repetition of a habit creates a nature, a personality….and this is the story of the soul.

We have reached a point in time when all souls express vices so naturally and automatically that the concept that vices originally never existed cannot even be imagined.

It is not possible for vices to bring the fruit of happiness in the long run. The reality of vices is that they cause sorrow.
The vices of Lust, Greed, Anger, Attachment and Ego have enslaved the soul into being needy from the outside.

The virtues of Love, Peace, Joy, Purity and Wisdom will free the soul and allow it to be naturally in a state of contentment.

It is time to check and change. Am I using my virtues or the vices?

Om Shanti

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Anger is a vice.

One wrong feeling. one wrong thought ignites the fire of many waste thoughts. These then quickly burn into a huge fire – out of control. Anger emerges and shows it form, causing damage. It hurts others and ignites and fuels the same fire in them. Equally it hurts the self very deeply.

Unlike any of the other vices, anger in itself does not exist. It only emerges as a result of one of the other vices.
It is only when one of the other vices exists in me that anger raises its head. The basis of anger is either desire, greed, ego or attachment, all of which are like little devils within my own self. They are not outside me or in someone else.

No matter what the situation, understand that anger is definitely not the answer.

Let me take a step forward and not allow anger to arise in me.

Om Shanti

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The seed of desire is that one has a need that requires to be satisfied. Until it is satisfied one will not have peace of mind.

However the very nature of desires, and also of the ‘need’ to be satisfied, is that they regenerate themselves and one desire leads to the next and then the next..

When desires are based on people, possessions or position then these will give temporary attainments and temporally fulfilments. Once the initial fulfilment is experienced the desire will regenerate itself into another need or want will arise.

One is that we need to learn to contain desires and make sure that they don’t ‘drive’ us as this will lead to issues in relationships as well as finances. But ultimately it is when we learn to take power from God, that we are able to experience peace within the soul and the fire of desires then subsides.

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