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Vices & Virtues

Originally and eternally the soul has the natural nature of being virtuous.

Over time and life, vices entre the soul. The soul creates the habit of expressing these vices rather than its virtues.
The repetition of an action creates a habit. The repetition of a habit creates a nature, a personality….and this is the story of the soul.

We have reached a point in time when all souls express vices so naturally and automatically that the concept that vices originally never existed cannot even be imagined.

It is not possible for vices to bring the fruit of happiness in the long run. The reality of vices is that they cause sorrow.
The vices of Lust, Greed, Anger, Attachment and Ego have enslaved the soul into being needy from the outside.

The virtues of Love, Peace, Joy, Purity and Wisdom will free the soul and allow it to be naturally in a state of contentment.

It is time to check and change. Am I using my virtues or the vices?

Om Shanti

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Anger is a vice.

One wrong feeling. one wrong thought ignites the fire of many waste thoughts. These then quickly burn into a huge fire – out of control. Anger emerges and shows it form, causing damage. It hurts others and ignites and fuels the same fire in them. Equally it hurts the self very deeply.

Unlike any of the other vices, anger in itself does not exist. It only emerges as a result of one of the other vices.
It is only when one of the other vices exists in me that anger raises its head. The basis of anger is either desire, greed, ego or attachment, all of which are like little devils within my own self. They are not outside me or in someone else.

No matter what the situation, understand that anger is definitely not the answer.

Let me take a step forward and not allow anger to arise in me.

Om Shanti

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The seed of desire is that one has a need that requires to be satisfied. Until it is satisfied one will not have peace of mind.

However the very nature of desires, and also of the ‘need’ to be satisfied, is that they regenerate themselves and one desire leads to the next and then the next..

When desires are based on people, possessions or position then these will give temporary attainments and temporally fulfilments. Once the initial fulfilment is experienced the desire will regenerate itself into another need or want will arise.

One is that we need to learn to contain desires and make sure that they don’t ‘drive’ us as this will lead to issues in relationships as well as finances. But ultimately it is when we learn to take power from God, that we are able to experience peace within the soul and the fire of desires then subsides.

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Everyone wants to have love, peace and happiness in their life. However, most of the time, the situations in life somehow tend to deliver experience that are opposite to that. So there is the gross and subtle experiences of discontentment, fear, sorrow and stress. How can I transform this experience?

We do not have the ability to control anything that happens outside of ourselves. Things have their own direction and purpose and will continue.

No matter what tests life throws at me, if I can stop, step back and transform the situation and my own perception of it, then I will give myself the opportunity to choose.
I have the choice of how to respond to each scene in my life. I can choose to hold onto my happiness if I wish to. I can choose to understand the situation and respond to it rather than to react to it and experience negative feelings. I am the one that chooses whether I allow a situation to steal my happiness and peace or not.

Will you take a moment and choose to transform the situation?

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They say to make an incognito donation is true charity.

What donation is there that we need to make on our spiritual journey?

The greatest donation of all is that of donating the 5 vices.

Like an addiction, the 5 vices have taken a hold of the soul and as a result caused the self and others so much sorrow.

To donate the vices means to give them away one at a time. Once something is given away it can nolonger be used for the self. To renouce the use of vices at every step and in every situation in life is not a small thing. It takes a huge amount of courage to do and a lot of incognito effort.

The friut of this however is that slowly but surely the vices will disolve and be replaced by virtues in their purest form.
Virtues are such that they constantly give happiness to the self and others.

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