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The Portrait of the Soul


When a portrait of someone is painted attention is paid to each feature on the face so that the personality is experienced by those who see it.

The soul is incorporeal, not visible to the eyes so what is the portrait of the soul? How is its character painted and appreciated?

Virtues are the decoration of the soul. They need to be understood and then they can be imbibed and become the personality of the soul.
When virtues are expressed in this way those around me will experience them. I will also take pleasure and power from it as it is a very elevated form of donation.

With virtues the soul becomes valuable and valued. It is not so much about what someone looks like but the portrait is the feeling and experience of having been in the company of a valuable soul.

Let me paint a valuable portrait today.


Om Shanti

April 11, 2013 at 7:30 am 8 comments

The Almighty Authority

He has no physical strength and yet we call Him the Almighty One. What then is the might we experience from Him?

At the time of need we turn to Him and ask for patience, inner strength, peace or even courage. So what makes Him almighty is the fact that He holds and commands all the virtues. And when all else fails, humankind turn to Him and take the support of the virtues that He offers.

Virtues are not a commodity that can be distributed and yet when we ask God for courage, somehow that strength emerges from within. He becomes the catalyst to empower the same virtue already within the self.

I am a child of God and as such I also hold the key to all the virtues. But because I don’t use them enough I have lost my authority over them. Let me start seeing and using my virtes now within each thought word and action I perform.

God Himself stands in front of us as an example of being an authority of virtues and yet we do not see that this is the way to be.

Become the authority of virtues.


Om Shanti

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Relationships are such a central part of our lives. The happiness they give is reflected in the quality of the lives we live.
They can also be a very clear mirror for us in seeing what is lacking within the self.

When we interact with others we often focus on and magnify the things that are wrong with them. Seeing just one defect in another often causes us to change our manner of interacting within a second; with our speech, attitude and actions. We immediately stand up and challenge their defect with our own weakness. What we do is to allow the defects of another to make us forget our own virtues.

People have many virtues but often we focus on their one defect. It takes time and practice to change this. But the key is, even on seeing their weaknesses, to hold on to your own virtues and use them. The nature to ‘challenge’ within relationships has been the cause of much sorrow and it inspires the vices to take control.

There is no need to challenge the weaknesses in others. Recognise your virtues and use them.

Om Shanti

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Seeing is Becoming

By seeing virtues in others, I am absorbing those virtues and making them my own. By seeing defects, I am also absorbing those defects. This is a very subtle spiritual philosophy.

The eyes that only see defects in others are ones which are indeed unfortunate. Seeing defects not only draws those very defects to the self but also it creates subtle divides and distances people: it lessens the love that one is able to maintain within relationships. So why see defects?

To see virtues in others requires a clean intellect. It also requires a heart that is humble and appreciative. Seeing virtues in others not only empowers them but also empowers the self and adds positivity to the atmosphere. In this way we become donors of virtues.

It is a simple thing but understanding this deep, natural law, can transform one’s life.

See and spread virtues.


Om Shanti

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An inheritance is normally received from one’s parents. They give you that which is of value to them.

Spiritually our Supreme parent also gives us an inheritance. In order to claim this I have to acknowledge that I am a child of the Supreme and also that I am entitled to the inheritance. The ability to accept that which is being given is yet another thing. To accept means to make it one’s own and to make use of it.

What is the inheritance that the Supreme Spirit gives? Clearly not something that is gross or physical. He gives to us all of His virtues and qualities. He tells us to use them and in doing so become the wealthiest of all.

Have I accepted the inheritance that is being offered; can I hold it and use it as my own?

The moment I do I will realise that I am truly the Child of God.


Om Shanti

September 24, 2011 at 6:42 am 1 comment


Each and every day we make our investment for tomorrow through our thoughts, words and deeds.

When we cause pain and sorrow in any way then the basis of that will be our vices. It is not a matter of just others, but we also cause sorrow to the self, especially through our thoughts.

Using vices means we are investing in them. The net return of this investment, sooner or later, will always be a negative one.
Virtues are our greatest and most valuable possessions. When we use virtues we will give happiness and power to others as well as the self. However with our virtues, we tend to keep them safely hidden away.

Invest in your today and in your tomorrow.
Reveal and use your virtues. Invest in them.

Om Shanti

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