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Is My Vision Limited?


When I have a ‘limited vision’ – one that is immediate, judgemental and closed – then what I am seeing is not real.

My vision and my perception of a scene is influenced by the past – by preconceptions, experiences and judgements. This then instigates a way of speaking, behaviour and discerning.

When I realise the reality of this block that restricts my vision and decide to shift it – the moment I change my ‘limited vision’ my attitude also changes. It then allows my unlimited nature of acceptance and generosity to flourish within my relationship.

It is important to remain aware of the influence of ‘limited vision’ and ‘limited understanding’. What I consider to be real and truth may not be the truth at all!

What is hidden within my vision that influences what am I seeing?


Om Shanti

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My Companions


It is often said that we are coloured by the company we keep.

Am I aware how the people around me, my friends, colleagues etc., influence the values I hold, my understanding and interpretation of situations, and how that governs the behaviour I demonstrate.

How is the company I keep in my inner world influencing me? Am I able to see how the thoughts and feelings I entertain shape my vision and attitudes, and thus carve my personality.

Do I keep the company of the truth, of God, and allow that to work on me gently and subtly to make me great?

Let me check the quality of the company I am keeping – is it having a positive influence on my life? If not perhaps it is time to check and change?


Om Shanti

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Internal Peace


To find eternal, internal peace is the ultimate need of us all.
We may not be actively looking for it but it is our desire to reach that place of comfort and completeness – the experience of peace.

Even though we want it, most of us don’t see it is a tangible or well-defined goal for ourselves. Maybe the reason for that is that we don’t know how it can ever happen, or how we can achieve it.

In a world that is fast and ever changing, a world in which there is fear and insecurity, how is it possible to find peace?

The solution is simple – so simple that most of us fail to see it even though it is standing in front of us.

The key that will open the door to the possibility of attaining peace within the self is the choices we make. When we choose to stop all negativity in our thoughts and feelings, our words and vision, that will be the moment of change.

Make a choice for Peace – stop negativity.


Om Shanti

July 3, 2014 at 6:58 am 2 comments

Cloudy or Clear?


Do you ever wonder why people misunderstand you or get the wrong message when you communicate?

The first reaction to miscommunication is ‘I already told them. Were they not listening?’ Yet so often they did listen but what was communicated was not clear.

When we communicate we describe what our mind perceives. The mind holds thoughts and expectations which colours our vision. We often take basic details for granted. We don’t see them and thus they are not communicated.

It is not about how much information is given, as too many words can be confusing and overloading. It is about the clarity, completeness and accuracy of what is given.

Think before you communicate, use words wisely and listen to what you say. Waste no words – each one should be necessary and valuable, leaving no room for doubt. There will be no extra, irrelevant, comments, opinions or remarks to cloud the issue.

Regular meditation acts as a refining process which brings clarity to all expressions – verbal and subtle – until it becomes the natural way of thinking and being. The more I learn to go into silence and experience peace and clarity of the mind, the more I will have the ability to communicate clearly, wisely and appropriately.


Om Shanti

April 24, 2014 at 6:29 am 2 comments

The Chemist


How aware am I of the reality that is around me? Can I see clearly the facts or am I living in a virtual reality?

I may drive along a road every day, but when someone asks me if there is a chemist on that road, what is my response? Perhaps it is “Oh, I am not sure, but I think there may be one!”
And then the next time I drive on that road my awareness is ‘awake’ and I look for chemists and see there are 5 or 6 of them.

So what makes me register what I am ‘seeing’? One is to see with my physical eyes and the other with my subtle eyes. What is it that enables me to see the reality of this world?

If I see this world with the awareness of being a passenger in a car on a journey through life, it will look very different from the one I see if I stop and become involved in a side scene.

Awareness is the root of my vision and thus experience of life. What awareness am I keeping? Do I even know?

Om Shanti

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Camera of the Eyes

The eyes are constantly drawing in information. I then experience this as it translates into my thoughts and feelings.

The translation I receive, and thus the experience I am left with, is very much coloured by my vision, attitude and past experiences.

This aspect of the ‘past experiences’ becomes a very real gauge in how I respond to the scenes happening around me. Yet they are only my perception of what happened. It may have been my fault but the habit of seeing faults in others is so strong that I am not able to see anything else. I focus on the negative and store it in my memory bank, associating it with the person and place.

Once stored, it will remain there ready to influence the next scene that happens. If I realised how much impact todays experiences will have on my tomorrows then I would change the focus to see more positively.

What is the camera of the eyes focusing on? What pictures is it taking and holding within its memory bank which will influence me tomorrow?

Om Shanti

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Change What?

There is so much that needs to change in this world to make it a better place. People need to change, attitudes and methods need to change.

Change has to happen in the minds of men and this can only happen one man at a time. The fact is that change has to starts with me.

To change the self I need to begin looking at myself very closely and deeply. As long as I look at others I will not be able to see myself. It is time to stop looking outward and start looking inwards.

Remember that when I change, the world will change. It doesn’t work the other way round.

Let change begin with me.


Om Shanti

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Seeing is Becoming

By seeing virtues in others, I am absorbing those virtues and making them my own. By seeing defects, I am also absorbing those defects. This is a very subtle spiritual philosophy.

The eyes that only see defects in others are ones which are indeed unfortunate. Seeing defects not only draws those very defects to the self but also it creates subtle divides and distances people: it lessens the love that one is able to maintain within relationships. So why see defects?

To see virtues in others requires a clean intellect. It also requires a heart that is humble and appreciative. Seeing virtues in others not only empowers them but also empowers the self and adds positivity to the atmosphere. In this way we become donors of virtues.

It is a simple thing but understanding this deep, natural law, can transform one’s life.

See and spread virtues.


Om Shanti

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What colour are your glasses?

Our eyes are one of the most important means through which we obtain information. That information then becomes instrumental in the decisions we take and choices we make.

Our eyes can also be the most deceitful organs we have. What we see and how we see the information that is being presented will depend a lot on what is influencing our vision. When our vision is influenced it is as if we are wearing coloured glasses. Then all that we see is filtered through that same colour. We don’t see the original but the coloured version of facts.

When jealousy colours our vision we become very critical and negative in our thinking. Love can influence us to see only the best in someone. Attachment magnifies everything, so that something insignificant becomes a big challenge.

In this way we see according to influence. And influence is such a subtle thing that it works on us from the inside. It changes what we see and how we see it and then makes us interact in a way that justifies that coloured perception.

What is influencing my vision?


Om Shanti

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