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Sailing the Ship of Life


Internally there is a belief that I am the captain of my ship and yet often I find the ship of my life sails in whichever direction the wind of challenges, situations, relationships, circumstances take it.

I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to ensure I reach my destination. It’s not what happens that determines my future, it’s how I respond to what happens.

Let me truly accept that am the captain of my ship and the responsibility that lies with that.

Then as the winds of challenges blow and circumstance arises – let me learn, adjust, gain experience and become wiser – until I learn to master the winds.

Then through the choppy waters of life and the stormy days I, the captain, will sail through and reach the other shore – it is my destiny after all.


Om Shanti

March 2, 2017 at 12:45 pm 2 comments

The Voice of Intuition


The voice of intuition comes from the deepest and wisest self – from within my pure conscience.

To hear my intuition I need to become silent.
Silence of words and noises is not enough to hear the voice from within my conscious. Total inner silence is needed. The silence of thoughts and feelings that are unseen but cause so much ‘noise’ within.

When the mind becomes quiet and the heart detached then the intellect also becomes silent as it has no reason to discern. Then within this space my inner ear has the capacity to hear the voice of intuition.

The silent voice of intuition whispers truth from the all knowing self.
To hear the voice or ignore it is then a matter of choice.


Om Shanti

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Cloudy or Clear?


Do you ever wonder why people misunderstand you or get the wrong message when you communicate?

The first reaction to miscommunication is ‘I already told them. Were they not listening?’ Yet so often they did listen but what was communicated was not clear.

When we communicate we describe what our mind perceives. The mind holds thoughts and expectations which colours our vision. We often take basic details for granted. We don’t see them and thus they are not communicated.

It is not about how much information is given, as too many words can be confusing and overloading. It is about the clarity, completeness and accuracy of what is given.

Think before you communicate, use words wisely and listen to what you say. Waste no words – each one should be necessary and valuable, leaving no room for doubt. There will be no extra, irrelevant, comments, opinions or remarks to cloud the issue.

Regular meditation acts as a refining process which brings clarity to all expressions – verbal and subtle – until it becomes the natural way of thinking and being. The more I learn to go into silence and experience peace and clarity of the mind, the more I will have the ability to communicate clearly, wisely and appropriately.


Om Shanti

April 24, 2014 at 6:29 am 2 comments


How we react or respond to any situation depends on many things.

We are always so ready to jump into action at any moment; we need to solve the problem, start thinking about it, start talking about it and thus listen to the opinions of others about it. And when it is something close to our hearts we begin to have feelings about it: fear, doubt, anger, anxiety, excitement etc..

The facts about the situation will then be influenced by the multicoloured feelings and opinions generated around it from within my own self as well as from others.

A wise response, based on spiritual principles, can only happen when I am able to stop these additional ingredients from cluttering the intellect. Then I will be able to see the situation from a deeper level: one based on what is really needed.

Always, in any situation, before engaging, just STOP!

  •  Stop thinking
  •  Stop listening
  •  Stop speaking
  •  Stop feeling

Go within into a space of silence. Stop, be quite and trust in your own ability to respond accurately.

Victories and defeats in situations are subtle. Learn to see them.


Om Shanti

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Understanding is the heart of all things. When I understand all aspects of the things going on around me then I will not react inappropriately to anything.

When I base my response to any situation on the foundation of understanding then it will always be delivered in the most effective, most positive and most acceptable way.

Our external sense organs display whatever is going on on the inside. Understanding also happens from the inside.
Understanding frees me from any waste thoughts and feelings about any situation.

When I have a clear connection with my inner self then that allows spirituality to influence my responses. I am able to put things into perspective because I can see what is important and what is not so important.

Be wise and understand.


Om Shanti

September 17, 2011 at 5:20 am Leave a comment

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